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"What if you didn’t run? This one time. What if you stayed, and let love overtake you?"
— Josh Bennett (via wordsthat-speak)

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Stars can’t shine without Darkness

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No rituals, spells, or cooking class today

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Reminds me of one of the rooms in the sublevel of the home of a particular teenaged god…

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Why yes, I’m tempted to make that image my desktop wallpaper. Why?


Really cool photo of Bram Stoker’s handwritten notes.

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so pretty

If you’re into shit like this and think this is what deathrock is, you disgust me.

I think people can do what they want, but I don’t really like how the deathrock revival added a bunch of colors and made Deathrock look so…”Avril Lavigne Punk”.

You two are unbelievable. Here, have some pictures of old school goths and deathrockers wearing colours:

Somebody who was actually around to see the 1980’s California deathrock scene wearing more purple than the woman you two are talking shit about: 

A picture of somebody from an original deathrock band wearing neon hair and something other than variations of the Siouxsie eye:

A picture of Siouxsie herself wearing green with the only black being her hair and necklace:

A picture of Siouxsie from the old days wearing red with a touch of black: 

A picture of Johnny Slut wearing either mostly dark grey or mostly navy blue depending on how your monitor is calibrated:

A picture of the guys from Sex Gang Children wearing various colours: 

Look at how many colours these people are wearing, these people who were actually around to see, or participate in the very scene you two likely feel that it is your duty to defend. Look at how few colours the woman you two wouldn’t even have courage to bash if she was standing right in front of you is wearing. Maybe if you look that them long enough you will see how completely foolish you two are being.

As for ‘not reeaaal deaffrawk/looks like Avril!’ have another picture of Johnny Slut wearing a very similar outfit, just with flatter shoes: 

And various pictures of oldschool deathrockers nowadays meeting up with revivalists and loving it, giving as few fucks about monochrome fashions and Avril Lavigne as you both should:

Don’t bother messaging me with your edited versions of the history of the movement tailored to suit your own opinions, or any flaming either. It will not change how completely ridiculous both of you look saying shit like this.

^Deserving of ETERNAL LOVE.

Wait, wait. There are people trying to claim that deathrockers/batcavers/Olde Skool Goffs didn’t wear COLOR? There enough things in the Goth subculture for people to work themselves into a ridiculous tizzy over? Knock it off, kids, don’t make your Auntie Jilli turn this internet around and GROUND YOU FOREVER. With no wi-fi, even.

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To catch a Raindrop by ~randomlewis

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"You look like a winter night,
I could sleep inside the cold of you."
— Catherynne Valente, Deathless 

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